Accounts Payable Outsourcing Service

Payment delays can impact business finances, affecting your relationships with vendors, employees, and clients. That’s where our accounts payable outsourcing services come into play. ATT offers comprehensive support to help you maintain control over purchase orders, digital invoicing, imaging, and dynamic discounting. We integrate your existing system with multiple accounting systems, providing flexibility and efficiency.

Our accounts payable outsourcing services are designed to reduce processing costs by up to 40% while enhancing overall efficiency. Backed by years of extensive experience in accounting, our team excels even under intense pressure and tight deadlines. We understand the critical importance of on-time payments and their direct impact on your business reputation.

Our seasoned professionals meticulously categorize expenses, balance your books, and monitor your bills. With a commitment to 99.5% accuracy, we leave no room for data entry discrepancies. Our imaging and workflow solutions effectively manage your days payable outstanding (DPO).

Our team also ensures you can capitalize on early payment discounts by swiftly processing your accounts payable invoices. Thanks to our best-practices approach, you’ll have complete control over your processes, with easy access to your accounts payable data.

Our streamlined workflow allows you to bid farewell to manual email approval processing. ATT’s outsourced accounts payable services help you strike a balance between effective vendor relationship management and maintaining liquidity.

Our Accounts Payable Outsourcing Service

Chart of Accounts
Chart of Accounts

Setting up your business chart of accounts as a preliminary step in putting together your firm’s accounting platform.

Ledger Maintenance
Ledger Maintenance

Providing quality and accurate General ledger, Expense ledger, and Assets/equipment ledger maintenance for your business.

Cash Flow Management
Cash Flow Management

Handling your business cash flow to make sure you have cash any time you require. This is amongst the most crucial aspects of any company.

Accounts Payable & Receivable
Accounts Payable & Receivable

Determining money that you’re obligated to pay your vendors and the money which is owed to you by your clients.

Bank Account Reconciliation
Bank Account Reconciliation

Balancing your books with bank records. Assisting with cash flow by maintaining a proper record of money getting in & out of your company.

Financial Reporting & Analysis
Financial Reporting & Analysis

Creating monthly/annual reports for your business, like AP aging, AR aging, balance sheets, income statement, and statement of cash flows.

We Support Multiple Accounting Software

QuickBooks bookkeeping Services
NetSuite Bookeeping Services
Quicken Bookkeeping software
Sage Bookkeeping software
Xero Bookkeeping software
MYOB Bookkeeping software
Wave software
Intacct software
Simply accounting by sage
Microsoft Dynamics
SAP solutions
Less finance and accounting
Acclivity Accounting Software
Bill Finance Software
Peachtree finance software

Let's Tailor An Accounting Solution For You.

Benefits of Accounts Payable Outsourcing Service

Prevent Duplicate Payments
Prevent Duplicate Payments

Our accounts payable services incorporate advanced checks to prevent unexpected duplicate payments, ensuring financial accuracy and reliability.

Enhance Consolidation
Enhance Consolidation

With our account payable outsourcing, we streamline and consolidate AP processes, ensuring precision and compliance with high standards.

Access Invoice Documents Online
Access Invoice Documents Online

Leverage the convenience of accessing invoice documents online, from anywhere globally, with our outsourced accounts payable services.

Evade Late Payment Fees & Penalties
Evade Late Payment Fees & Penalties

Our accounts payable outsourcing reminds your vendors by sending bills. We update you on payment deadlines, helping you avoid late fees and penalties efficiently.

Never Miss Out on an Early Payment Discount
Never Miss Out on an Early Payment Discount

Maximize cost savings with our accounts payable services by never missing an opportunity for early payment discounts.

How our Outsourced Accounts Payable Process Works?

Experience the benefits of our accounts payable outsourcing services – a smoother transition, optimized processes, and exceptional performance. We follow the below steps:

  • Evaluate Your Current AP Process: Understand your existing accounts payable operations. We assess your AP automation level, team size, software used, and approval workflows.
  • Plan your AP Outsourcing: Determine your desired timeline for outsourcing AP tasks. Decide how vendor invoices will reach us. We adapt to your AP platform or integrate with your system.
  • Efficient Implementation: We immerse ourselves in your AP process, learning from your experts through shadowing, reverse shadowing, and parallel performance. Our team leverages your training materials to create tailored AP process guides. We provide the necessary training to your AP team members.
  • Seamless AP Operations: Your AP team, handpicked for excellence, is fully trained in your specific processes. Workspaces are configured, credentials are set up, and daily performance targets are established. Your accounts payable outsourcing team is all set to handle your daily AP tasks efficiently.


Which accounts payable tasks can I outsource?

You can outsource various AP tasks, including invoice processing, vendor communication, and payment processing. Contact ATT to explore tailored solutions for your specific needs.

What are the main benefits of outsourcing accounts payable to a third-party vendor?

Outsourcing offers cost savings, efficiency, accuracy, access to specialized technology, and the opportunity to focus on core business functions. Discover how ATT can help maximize these benefits for your organization.

What technology and software can I expect from a specialist partner?

A trusted partner like ATT provides advanced AP software and tools for seamless invoice management, workflow automation, and analytics. Connect with us to explore our tech solutions.

What are the data security measures that I need to put in place while outsourcing?

Data security is crucial. ATT ensures stringent data protection protocols and compliance with industry standards. Contact us to discuss our robust security measures.

How can one track changes made to an invoice?

Our AP software offers audit trails and version history, allowing you to track all changes made to an invoice for transparency and accountability. Explore this feature with ATT.

What are the primary services that Accounts Payable Outsourcing providers offer?

AP outsourcing providers offer various services, including invoice processing, payment reconciliation, vendor management, and reporting. Connect with ATT to explore our comprehensive offerings.

How long should the invoices be stored in the accounts payable software database?

Retention periods vary, but our software allows you to set customizable retention rules to meet legal and organizational requirements. Discuss your specific requirements with ATT.

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